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Guardian Home Inspections Ohio

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Buyer Home Inspection

A property’s location, look and layout can make it a dream home – or a nightmare. A reasonable Home Buyer can insure a home’s conditions is as good as it looks by requesting a home inspection. Guardian Home Inspections’ certified home inspector know where and what to look for in evaluating a home’s condition.

Buyer Protection

Seller Home Inspection

A prudent Home Buyer wouldn’t purchase a property without a home inspection. A smart Home Seller shouldn’t list their property without one. Every seller should request one; every agent should recommend one; every For Sale By Owner should require one. Guardian Home Inspections helps insure against “surprises”.

Seller Advantage

Home Maintenance

You check your oil, tires, and fluids to keep a car in good condition. How about your home? o you know how much longer your water heater, furnace or roof will last? If you don’t know how (or don’t want to) check your home’s systems maintenance, contact someone who does (and will): Guardian Home Inspections.

Peace of Mind