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Safe Home, Sound Investment

Why a Buyer Home Inspection is a Must

We recently inspected a home for a property under contract. The buyers loved the house and were excited to move in. As is routine, a buyer home inspection was ordered. We found evidence of mold, which for this particular buyer was a deal breaker due to severe allergies. While it is good that we found out before the transaction was completed, in order to preserve the buyer’s health, it was nevertheless disappointing.

A Safe Home is a Sound Investment

Guardian Home Inspections’ certified home inspector is trained to look for warning signs which may indicate safety concerns: old or faulty wiring, structural damage, improperly installed or outdated heating and cooling systems. Our job is to alert the home buyer to needed repairs or replacements, in order to make an informed decision about the true investment required to make the home habitable.

The 100-Point Checklist

Guardian Home Inspections provides one of the most comprehensive buyer home inspections available. Given our 30 years of home building and remodeling experience, we know exactly where and what to look for, as well as what it takes to repair or replace structural or mechanical issues.