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How Scheduled Home Maintenance
Saves Money & Worry

We Keep Your Home in Good Repair for Your Safety & Peace of Mind

Studies have found that for every dollar spent in preventive home maintenance, four dollars are required to pay for emergency replacement or repairs. If you think you can’t afford preventive maintenance, then you are left no choice when it comes to required maintenance.

Why risk your family going without heat in the winter or running out of water at any time of the year? It makes better sense to fix a leaking toilet than to repair a damaged ceiling if it overflows.

Keeping a home safe and in good repair may require climbing a ladder to check noises in the attic; crawling into small, dark spaces to examine a water leak; or knowing where to quickly locate an emergency shutoff valve. If you cannot, or prefer not to, climb, crawl or scurry about, then you need someone who will.

A Home Maintenance Plan Helps You Save Money

Guardian Home Maintenance provides homeowners routine maintenance inspections to identify potential problems and preventive maintenance solutions before they turn into costly emergency repairs.

Start with Guardian’s 100-Point Checklist assessment of the home, which provides the homeowner a comprehensive understanding of the condition of big ticket items (e.g., heating & cooling systems, roof, electrical), as well as wear-and-tear repairs for which to prepare.

Follow up quarterly or bi-annually to monitor indicators for any new concerns.

Prevent the Preventable

When is a crack in the wall a simple sign of an old house settling or a danger signal for structural damage? Is that flickering light just a worn out switch or a potential fire hazard?

We don’t have a crystal ball. We are trained to recognize warning signs that a homeowner may not notice until the damage is already done.

The Homeowner’s Advocate: Safety & Savings

Preventive home maintenance, like regularly checking your car’s oil, fluids and tire pressure to keep it road-safe, helps you keep your home safe and saves you from costly emergency repairs which could have been prevented with less expensive home maintenance services.

A service repairman recommends a costly repair or replacement? Call us for a second opinion. We advocate for your needs, not a quick sale.

Why Guardian Home Maintenance

We know buildings inside out. With three decades of experience in home building, Guardian Home Maintenance inspectors know where and how to look for structural or other defects, as well as how to fix them.

We can work with your favorite plumber, electrician and carpenter, or refer you to one of ours: each one is tested, trusted, licensed and insured.