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Choose a Home Inspector Who Knows Building … From the Ground Up

Medina Home Inspector - Keith Haydu

Keith Haydu

Certified Home Inspector


Keith, a home building and remodeling professional for 30 years, brings a heightened expertise to the role of home inspector. He knows how to evaluate a home’s structural integrity and visualize potential issues because he has built homes from the ground up.  His understanding of a home’s bones and its mechanical components is a valuable advantage in choosing Guardian for home inspections.

Safety is another distinctive difference in Keith’s approach as a home inspector. He believes a safe home makes a sound investment, and his purpose is to provide the most thorough and thought-through information possible. He takes time to show prospective homeowners where safety shutoffs are located in a property, as well as answer other concerns which may turn up during home inspections.

Keith’s remodeling background offers the prospective home buyer a knowledgeable resource for answering questions about potential repairs, structural changes or improvements.

Commitment to service, safety and integrity are core values at Guardian Home Inspections. Keith, who offered his building skills overseeing construction projects for years as a missionary in Mexico serving with the youth, brings the same level of responsibility and care to his clients and his work.