A New Construction Home Inspection Can Spot Oversights

//A New Construction Home Inspection Can Spot Oversights

A New Construction Home Inspection Can Spot Oversights

Love at First Sight: Why a Homeowner Needs a New Construction Home Inspection

After a long wait, a homeowner is thrilled when her custom home is finally complete!  The anticipation of moving in, plus the oohs and aahs over final finishes and shiny new fixtures, may lead her to overlook not-quite-right details that may signal more serious concerns.

It’s a Brand New, Never Lived-in Home: What Could Possibly Be Wrong

We recently conducted a new construction home inspection on a just built home, prior to a final walk-through with the builder. The homeowner had noticed hairline fractures in the basement floor and wanted a professional opinion regarding possible causes.

It turns out those stress fractures were not significant. Of greater concern was an attic access panel which was caulked shut! We were unable to check for proper venting and other systems in the attic. How long might it have taken the homeowner to discover this, after moving in, in the case of an emergency?

If You Don’t Know What to Look For, Hire Someone Who Does

The bottom line is that a new construction homeowner’s leverage is strongest before the final payment. Builders and their crews are humans, subject to making mistakes. Find errors, if any, and have them corrected before you move in.