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Pre-Listing Home Inspection - Guardian Home Inspections Medina

What Every Realtor and FSBO Needs

Why a Pre-Listing Home Inspection
Gives You a Competitive Edge

The Buyer LOVES the house, then this happens

You get the offer. The Seller accepts. Then comes the inspection report. There is a problem.

Depending on its fix-ability, the options are:
• The Seller will shell out money he didn’t expect to spend to make repairs
• The Buyer finds an opening to renegotiate a lower selling price
• The deal falls through completely

It’s every Realtor’s and For-Sale-By-Owner’s nightmare: a lose-lose-lose on a deal gone bad. What’s worse is – it might have been prevented.

Your Edge: Prevent the Preventable

You already know a Buyer will have an inspection. Why wait for their inspector to find fault? Be proactive.

 Pre-Listing Home Inspection is the best defense against such exposure. Displaying a certified home inspector’s report not only demonstrates due diligence and disclosure transparency, it allows the Seller to make minor repairs in advance of a buyer’s inspection “discovery”. No surprises for anyone.

100 Point Pre-Listing Home Inspection

A 100-point pre-listing home inspection which discloses repairs which are made as a result of the inspection, as well as imminent structural or mechanical replacements, if any.

A Pre-Listing Home Inspection provides information to
• Help the Seller price accurately and confidently
• Signal Buying Agents that the property is solid
• Ensure the sales process is more likely to progress seamless


Once under contract, no one wants the deal to collapse. A pre-listing home inspection provides the ultimate disclosure. And the Seller retains her negotiating advantage.